Chris Pratt Answers Ellen’s ‘Burning Questions’

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Ellen put Chris Pratt in the hot seat to answer some of her “Burning Questions”! Find out what he does to make his son laugh, and what he does that annoys his ...

Bodied - Official Trailer - Produced by Eminem.

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Coming to selected theaters 11/2/18 Words are weapons in the world's most brutal lyrical sport. Produced by Eminem and directed by Joseph Kahn, one of the ...

This Celebrity Scaled a Gate to Get into Kate & Oliver Hudson's Party

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Siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson talked with Ellen about their parties while growing up, including one at their parents' house that had an A-list celebrity scaling a ...

We Own the Night 🎶 | Sing Along | ZOMBIES 2 | Disney Channel

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We own what we own! The night is our home! It's time to sing along to "We Own the Night" with the cast of ZOMBIES 2! Watch ZOMBIES 2 on Disney Channel ...

Tones and I Performs Her Hit ‘Dance Monkey'

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Tones and I visited Ellen for the first time and performed her huge hit, “Dance Monkey.” #TonesandI #DanceMonkey #TheEllenShow.

The Wedding: Officially Mr. & Mrs. Bieber - Justin Bieber: Seasons

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A look inside Hailey and Justin's intimate wedding ceremony in South Carolina (complete with a few surprise guests). As the two finally tie the knot, Justin and ...

Ellen Weighs In on Reclined Airplane Seat Debate

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A video recently went viral of a man punching the back of a woman's chair on an airplane because she reclined her seat, stirring controversy over whether ...

Denischia has Steve Harvey licking his lips! | Family Feud

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The question is... "Name something women do in a sexy way that most men do not." Watch what Denischia does next that has Steve Harvey licking his lips!

S2E5: The Art of Settling - Liza on Demand

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When considering who to date, Oliver encourages Liza and Harlow to aim lower. But if his new boyfriend is any indication, it seems like Oliver has aimed too low.

Mannequins - Escape the Night

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The guests uncover clues hidden inside macabre mannequin displays that represent a serial killers' finest works. WATCH MORE ESCAPE THE NIGHT: ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Endorsing Bernie and Rising Stardom | The View

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel: MORE FROM 'THE VIEW': Full episodes: Twitter: ...

[MPD직캠] 아이즈원 이채연 직캠 ‘FIESTA’ (IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon FanCam) | @MCOUNTDOWN 2020.2.20

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[MPD직캠] 아이즈원 이채연 직캠 - 피에스타 [MPD FanCam] IZ*ONE Lee Chaeyeon - FIESTAㅣ@MCOUNTDOWN_2020.2.20 #MPD직캠 #MPDFanCam More ...

Tucked Up - Buddy System Ep1

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Rhett & Link find confidence inside their underwear. New episodes every Wednesday! Watch the entire series: Partner Rating: TV-14 Follow ...

How NYC’s Stop Signs Are Made | The Making Of

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The New York City Department of Transportation's in-house sign shop manufactures more than 100000 signs a year. We visited the shop in Queens to see how ...

[IZ*ONE - DESTINY] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 200220 EP.653

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KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.653 - IZ*ONE - DESTINY ▷Watch more video clips: [Kor Ver.] 우리즈원과 위즈 ...

How Far is Too Far? | The Age of A.I.

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Can A.I. make music? Can it feel excitement and fear? Is it alive? and Mark Sagar push the limits of what a machine can do. How far is too far, and how ...

A Translator Guesses What Language People Are Speaking | Lineup | Cut

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We're making a Lineup game! Sign up for updates: Sponsor this series: SUBSCRIBE: ...

How Does the Internet Work? - Glad You Asked S1

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For most of us, the internet is virtual, made of Instagram posts, emails and YouTube videos. And, access to the vital utility isn't guaranteed across the world.

An Invitation - Escape the Night

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In this episode, the guests arrive at the house and their dinner party meets with a tragic end (the death of a guest). They discover the house is evil and they must ...


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全世界で大反響の 2.5m リアルロボットアニメーション『OBSOLETE(オブソリート)』。 後編エピソード(EP7~EP12)2020 年冬公開! 公式ウェブサイ...


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