Hackers Hacked 70 million PSN Accounts.

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Sony has just published a press release saying that last week they were hacked and hackers got the username, email, password to 70 million Sony Users ...

TomTom has free HD Traffic online.

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TomTom has finally added a new service that will allow Navigation via the browser. the catch is its only available in Europe and south Africa.

Leaf identifier for iOS.

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LeafSnap is now available in the iOS App Store.

FBI shutsdown 'Coreflood' Botnet.

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The FBI finally shutdowned the Coreflood Botnet.

Hulu just renewed contracts with networks.

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Hulu just renewed its contract with major TV Networks.

Youtube Partner Benefits.

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In this video i show you the extra features Youtube Partners receive.

Who really owns Facebook?

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Who really owns Facebook? Apparently its Paul Ceglia.

Blue Yeti Microphone Unboxing.

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I unbox My Blue Yeti Microphone.

How much money is Rebecca Black making?

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Learn how much Rebecca Black & Ark Music Factory is making off the "Friday" Music Video"

PCmover Demo & Review.

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With PCmover you can transfer your Programs, Files And Settings from your old PC to your new PC without loosing your settings in a specific application.

Chrome OS Laptop will be $20/Month.

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A Google executive has told Forbes that the Chrome OS Laptop will cost $20/Month.

23,000 BitTorrent users facing lawsuits.

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The U.S Copyright Group is suing 23000 bitorrent users with charges up to $150000.

Facetime Security Hole.

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Facetime has a security hole in which it shows cached screencaps of previous facetime chats during other facetime calls.

Apple lends iPhone 4 with A5 processor to companies.

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Apparently Apple has been lending out iPhone 4's to companies with an A5 processor to start building some apps to utilize the A5 chip before the launch of the ...

Who owns the most Apple Shares?

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Find out who owns the most Apple shares (other then people working for Apple).

Disney Re-Elects Steve Jobs to the Board of Directors.

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Disney shareholders Re-Elected Steve Jobs to the Board of Directors.

Google launches the Chrome Webstore Worldwide.

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Google finally launched the Chrome Webstore internationally.

Miramax and Netflix sign a deal.

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Miramax movies will finally be available in the Netflix catalog of movies.

Beats By Dr. Dre Studio REVIEW.

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/SummerWizz1 Facebook App: http://bit.ly/SW1FBAPP Facebook Page: http://on.fb.me/SummerWizz1 I reviewed the Beats by Dr Dre ...

eBuddy has new SMS service called "XMS"

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XMS is a new service that will allow you to send free text messages to other phones running the application.


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