Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019


Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day | Official Trailer E3 2019
Play the Beta first on PS4. Pre-Order for Beta Access at ► Subscribe to Marvel: Marvel’s Avengers begins at A-Day, where Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Thor are unveiling a hi-tech Avengers Headquarters in San Francisco — including the reveal of their own helicarrier powered by an experimental energy source. The celebration turns deadly when a catastrophic accident results in massive devastation. Blamed for the tragedy, the Avengers disband. Five years later, with all Super Heroes outlawed and the world in peril, the only hope is to reassemble Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix are excited to unveil Marvel’s Avengers, an epic action-adventure game that combines cinematic storytelling with single-player and co-operative gameplay. Developed by Crystal Dynamics in collaboration with Eidos-Montréal, Nixxes Software, and Crystal Northwest, Marvel’s Avengers will release simultaneously for the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Stadia, and PC on May 15, 2020. #EmbraceYourPowers #Reassemble #PlayAvengers Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on Facebook: ‪ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪ Instagram: Reddit: ‪ Pinterest: ‪




How To Not Drive Your Car On Road 2019

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This video show you How To Not Drive Your Car On Road 2019. In these type of videos Im trying to show situations on the roads which are for educational purposes, so the drivers can learn from other mistakes, not their own. We do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further credits or clip delete. DISCLAIMER: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing."


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Oh hi there, This is an experimental video essay looking at what would happen if the MCU ever decided to re-use their different character themes throughout their other films. I've taken the Hellicarrier scene from Avengers 1 and using the other MCU soundtracks, pieced together a new score with each character's individual leitmotifs returning as they would if this were, say, Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. I hope you enjoy and if you did be sure to pass it along to your friends! Following MCU themes were used: Brian Tyler's Iron Man theme from Iron Man 3 Craig Armstrong's Hulk theme from The Incredible Hulk Brian Tyler's Thor theme from Thor: The Dark World Brian Tyler's Loki theme from Thor: The Dark World Alan Silvestri's Captain America Theme from Captain America: The First Avenger Alan Silvestri's Avenger's Theme from The Avengers Bear McCreary's Agents of Shield Theme from Agents of Shield. All rights belong to the composers and those at Disney and Marvel who created this wonderful art/entertainment. This is purely for educational purposes and critical analysis. No disrespect meant, nor monetary gain sought. I might make another in the future for the Airport scene in Captain America: Civil War if there is enough demand. Enjoy!


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I believe the video LIKE A BOSS #42 ✅ TOO SIMPLE will make you satisfying. #peopleareawesome #likeaboss #theboss #amazing #amazingpeople 📣📣 Support us reach 1000.000 Subs. ► IT IS FREE ◄ 😜😜😜 I LOVE ALL YOU 😜😜😜 💖💗 Click HERE to subscribe: VIEW MORE: ➤ The best of LIKE A BOSS COMPILATION 2018: ➤ FASTEST WORKERS IN THE WORLD : ➤ Amazing Skills LIKE A BOSS - PEOPLE ARE INSANE: ➤ LIKE A BOSS and PEOPLE ARE INSANE 2018: ➤ PEOPLE ARE INSANE - Fastest Workers in the world: ➤ The most PEOPLE ARE INSANE: ==================================== Music: 00:38 NEFFEX - Blow Up 💣 [Copyright Free] 00:47 NEFFEX - Fight Back [Official Video] 00:52 Unknown Brain x Rival - Control (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] 01:01 Diamond Eyes - Flutter [NCS Release] 01:43 Venemy - Rescue Me (feat. Car) [NCS Release] 02:04 Different Heaven feat. ReesaLunn - Pentakill [NCS Release] 02:16 Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] 02:38 NEFFEX - Light It Up🔥🤘 [Copyright Free] 03:04 Last Heroes x TwoWorldsApart - Eclipse (feat. AERYN) [NCS Release] 03:15 Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] 03:25 NEFFEX - Rollin' With The Devil (Copyright Free) 03:58 Julius Dreisig & Zeus X Crona - Invisible [NCS Release] 04:13 Asketa & Natan Chaim - Alone (feat. Kyle Reynolds) [NCS Release] 04:50 WATEVA - Ping Pong Party [NCS Release] 04:58 Koven - Never Have I Felt This [NCS Release] 05:06 Aero Chord feat. DDARK - Shootin Stars [NCS Release] 05:16 NEFFEX - Grateful [Copyright Free] 05:33 Robin Hustin x TobiMorrow - Light It Up (feat. Jex) [NCS Release] 05:40 RetroVision - Campfire [NCS Release] 08:48 NIVIRO - Flares [NCS Release] ==================================== ✍ Hello folks!! I always try to bring you the best entertainment on YouTube that I can every single day, so you can help me out by sending me great videos in the area of: parkour, trick shots, free-running, skateboarding, snowboarding, BMX, freestyle, football, basketball, golf and any kind of other great random clips! Thank you for your love and support! SUBMIT VIDEOS: ==================================== 👍 FACEBOOK: 🐦 TWITTER: 🌟 Youtube Channel: ☎ CONTACT US: ======================================== ❌❌❌ If you have any problem with copyright issues, please CONTACT US before doing anything. Thankyou very much ✅

American Ninja Warrior vs Japan Ninja Warrior Race!

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We made new friends! They have the most popular Youtube Channel in Japan! We did a Ninja vs Ninja Warrior Race. Have you seen us compete on American Ninja Warrior Jr? It's a lot of fun to learn these new skills. American Ninja Warrior Junior was so fun and we hope to do it again next year. Fischer's channel Subscribe to see more Awesome Videos! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👕 GET YOUR EPIC MERCH 👕 ➡️ 📦 FAN MAIL ADDRESS 📦 Ninja Kidz TV P.O. Box 123 Draper, Ut. 84020 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow Us: 📸 INSTAGRAM → @NinjaKidzTV 📘 FACEBOOK → ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NINJA KIDZ TV is an Awesome family friendly channel for all ages. We make Awesome Action skits, have Adventures, do Challenges, and teach cool Skilz with fun tutorials. Our videos share valuable character-building messages and powerful life skilz. No matter your age, you too can be a Ninja Kid! Ninja Kidz Got Skilz! We are skilled martial artists, gymnasts, and parkour athletes. We are properly trained to safely perform all the skills and stunts in our videos. We use safety equipment and planning to ensure our safety. All skills and stunts are coordinated by and performed under the direction of adult professionals. Do not attempt these skills or stunts without proper training and the supervision of a responsible adult. Ninja Kidz TV is not responsible for the actions of viewers who attempt what they see on a video. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING: This video is only for entertainment purposes. Do not attempt to recreate any of the acts in this video, as they may be dangerous if not done correctly, and could result in serious injury. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Have fun, but always think ahead, and remember that every project you try is at YOUR OWN RISK. This footage is the property of Ninja Kidz TV and is not allowed to be repurposed without written consent from Ninja Kidz TV. For any media requests contact us at

Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) 2017 E3 Gameplay

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Check out the gameplay demo of Marvel’s Spider-Man shown at the 2017 Sony PlayStation Media Showcase. Coming 2018 to PS4. ► Subscribe to Marvel: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪‬‬ Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪‬‬ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪‬‬ Instagram: ‪‬‬ Google+: ‪‬‬ Pinterest: ‪‬‬

10 Avengers Who Could Have Used The Infinity Stones Instead Of Tony

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Who could have done the snap instead of iron man. Subscribe to our channel: We’ve all kinda of accepted it now -- Iron Man made the ultimate sacrifice, outsmarting Thanos, gathering the Infinity Stones and making the snap to eliminate him and his army for good. But WHY exactly did if have to be Iron Man? If the snap eliminated Thanos and ended the war against him, why couldn’t another hero use the Infinity Gauntlet instead? We’re mostly asking this question to Doctor Strange and his multiple visions of the future. Either way -- there could have been multiple Avengers who used the stones instead of Tony and a majority of them could have prevented their own death, along with the loss of Iron Man in the process. We’ve seen the power of the Stormbreaker bust through a full-fledge stone attack during Infinity War so if he held the axe in the opposite hand, maybe the weapon would have absorbed some of the energy instead of it directly impacting Thor.She carried ships. She destroyed ships. She glowed in the night. She got a haircut. She’s Captain Marvel and she clearly showcased why she is one of the most powerful superheroes in all of the MCU! When Captain Marvel returned from her mysterious adventures in outer space, she was all fight, barely breaking a sweat as she on a massive Thanos headbutt. Star-Lord could have worn the Infinity Gauntlet and stopped Thanos -- becoming the ultimate hero in Avengers: Endgame. Done laughing? Well, don’t go to the next video yet -- just hear us out for a moment. Watch to see all these heroes and several others to learn who could have used the Infinity Stones! Our Social Media: Our Website


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Indonesia's superhero is back, this time with more action! Nominated for best character animation in Suzanne award 2010. For more stories about the blue superhero, you can visit Hebring's 120 page full colored web-comic on and read it for free (in Bahasa Indonesia.)

ÜÇ KAĞITÇI - Türk Filmi (Kemal Sunal)

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Üç Kağıtçı ; Kemal Sunal ve Ali Şen'in başrollerini paylaştığı 1981 yıl yapımı Türk Filmidir. Üç Kağıtçı Filminin diğer oyuncuları; Ülkü Özen, Turgut Özatay, Reha Yurdakul, Nizam Ergüden, Hakkı Kıvanç, Zeki Alpan, Arap Celal'dir. Üç Kağıtçı Filminin Konusu: Rıfkı (Kemal Sunal), ölen babasının mallarını satmak için Almanya'dan köyüne döner. Köyde birden adı "Ermiş"e çıkar. Rıfkı, yağmur duasına çıkan köylüler için yarım saat içinde yağmur yağdırır. Üfürükçülük yapar. Evde kalmış yaşlı kadınların kısmetini açar. Kötürümleri üfleyerek ayağa kaldırır. Bu arada bazı çıkarcılar, köyün Belediye Reisi seçimlerine Rıfkı'nın girmesini isterler. Bir başka Belediye Reisi adayı ise Rıfkı'ya seçimlere girmemesi için rüşvet verir. Rıfkı seçimleri kazanır, ama sonunda üç kağıtçı olduğu ortaya çıkar. Kanalımıza abone olmak için ; Web Sitemiz; Kemal Sunal Filmleri için; Kemal Sunal Film Sahneleri; Avanak Apti Filmi (Kemal Sunal): En Büyük Şaban(Kemal Sunal) : Gülen Adam (Kemal Sunal): İnatçı (Kemal Sunal) : İbo İle Güllüşah (Kemal Sunal): İyi AİLE Çocuğu (Kemal Sunal): Çarıklı Milyoner (Kemal Sunal): Meraklı Köfteci (Kemal Sunal): Korkusuz Korkak (Kemal Sunal): Sakar Şakir (Kemal Sunal): Hasan Boğuldu - HD Türk Filmi: Kalbimdeki Acı - HD Türk Filmi: Yavrularım - HD Türk Filmi: Talihli Amele - HD Türk Filmi: Derdim Dünyadan Büyük: Yüreğimde Yare Var - HD Türk Filmi: Bir Kırık Bebek - HD Türk Filmi (Hülya Avşar): Bir Yudum Sevgi - HD Türk Filmi: KELOĞLAN - HD Türk Filmi: Ben Topraktan Bir Canım: Ana Kurban Can Kurban: Uyanık Gazeteci: Kuyucaklı Yusuf - HD Türk Filmi: Şaban Pabucu Yarım: Ağlıyorum - HD Türk Filmi: Şaşkın Damat - HD Türk Filmi: ADAK - HD Türk Filmi: POLIZEI - HD Türk Filmi (Kemal Sunal): ÜÇ KAĞITÇI - Türk Filmi (Kemal Sunal): Şalvar Davası - HD Türk Filmi (Şener Şen): Tarzan Rıfkı - HD Türk Filmi: Sosyete Şaban - HD Türk Filmi: Sevimli Hırsız - HD Türk Film: #KemalSunal #YeşilçamFilmleri #YerliFilm


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EVERY Superhero Movie After Endgame (Spoilers) ------ How Avengers: Endgame Sets up Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3 (Spoilers) ------- Get Insider News First. ------- New Facebook Page: ------- New Instagram: ------- Business Inquires? DCMA/Copyright Issues? Contact: Thadd R. - Owner/Operator @ LLC Email: © 2019

Fortnite | The Story So Far... All Live Events and Cinematics (Season 3 – Season 9)

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If you’d be so kind - Support-a-Creator ‘Adamaru’ Fortnite Battle Royale has an ever-evolving storyline which seems quite random but as each season brings new live events we are slowly piecing together lore. For the time being I’m leaving Fortnite save the world out of the equation. Here’s Battle Royale’s story so far constructed from cinematics, live events and loading screens. You ready? Lets do this… 00:00 - Intro 00:34 – Season 3 - Shooting Star / Comet / Meteor 01:04 – Season 3 - Meteor Shower 01:28 – Season 4 – The end of Dusty Depot 01:50 – Season 4 – The Visitor 03:07 – Season 4 – The Rocket Event 04:44 – Season 4 – Ruptures in time 05:16 – Season 5 – Worlds Collide / Rift in the Sky 05:47 – Season 5 – Birth of Kevin the Cube 07:25 – Season 5 – Cube at Loot Lake Event 09:00 – Season 6 – Darkness (and Kevin) Rises 10:06 – Season 6 – Fortnitemares Begins 10:38 – Season 6 – The End of Kevin 10:55 – Season 6 – RIP Kevin / Butterfly Event / Global Event 13:10 - Season 6 – AIM and Snow cloud 13:48 - Season 7 – You better watch out / melting Ice 14:45 - Season 7 – The Ice King Event (thanks to fortnite master) #fortnite #Adamaru #story #lore A big thank you to Fortnite Master for giving me access to their Ice king replay footage.

Spider-Man PS4 - Jumping Off Biggest Building In Avengers Stark Suit (Spiderman 2018) PS4 Pro

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Subscribe ➜ Jumping off the highest building in spiderman in iron spider suit from Tony Stark, One world trade center / Freedom tower. Support me/Donate: Follow me on Twitter: Become my Patreon:

How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended

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How Avengers Endgame Should Have Ended Ratvenger Shirt - Thank You For Watching! Help Support HISHE! Watch More HISHEs: Subscribe to HISHE: Twitter @theHISHEdotcom Instagram @HISHEgram Facebook: --------------Previous Episodes-------------------- How Aladdin Should Have Ended Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer HISHE How Shazam! Should Have Ended Avengers Endgame HISHE Review Captain Marvel HISHE Avengers Infinity War - HISHE Dubs How Bumblebee Should Have Ended How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended How Fantastic Beasts Should Have Ended How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended Villain Pub - Trick or Treat How Ant-Man and The Wasp Should Have Ended HISHE Horror Compilation How Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Should Have Ended Predator HISHE Dubs How The Venom Trailer Should Have Ended Super Cafe - Teens and Titans How Deadpool 2 Should Have Ended Infinity War Alternate HISHE The Last Jedi Lego Summary Jurassic World Alternate HISHE Jurassic World - Comedy Recap (HISHE Dubs) Oceans Over 40 Trailer How Black Panther Should Have Ended Villain Pub - The Dead Pool How Justice League Should Have Ended How Star Wars The Last Jedi Should Have Ended How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended How Spider-Man Homecoming Should Have Ended Avengers Infinity War and Beyond (Toy Story Mashup) How IT Should Have Ended Batman V Superman - Comedy Recap How The Incredibles Should Have Ended Villain Pub - Penny For Your Fears

LTT Nerf War : Couple SEAL X Warriors Nerf Guns Fight Criminal Group Dr Lee The Unbeaten

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LTT Nerf War : Couple SEAL X Warriors Nerf Guns Fight Criminal Group Dr Lee The Unbeaten LTT nerf war Brings to you by the nerf guns film ! In this Nerf war, the SWAT SEAL X team is the main character to use Nerf guns along with many new skills to fight in a Nerf battle for criminal groups. Sign up for more Nerf videos! Includes entertaining videos. no other purpose channel subscribe : watch the best video : Page Facebook : Google + : Bloger : Webside : nerf world war 2 family friendly Thank for watching, Please like share and SUBSCRIBE #Nerf #sealx #attack #Warriors #fight

Every Single Marvel Post-Credits Scene before May 2016 - High Quality

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From Iron Man to Ant-Man. Every single post-credits scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from Phase One and Two, right here in high quality. Post-credits scenes, after-credits scenes, stingers, tags, credit cookies or coda - whatever you call them, they've been as regular for the movies in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) as Christmas falling in December. Through Phase One and Phase Two Marvel has bestowed us with 17 often foreshadowing scenes ranging from a bunch of shawarma eating Avengers to a Falcon who "might know someone" (Ant-man, hint hint). Enjoy the MCU after-credits scenes right here in their highest quality.

Here Are Marvel’s Next Six Movies After 'Endgame'

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#MCU #Marvel #Avengers Here are six MCU movies that are believed to be on the next schedule after "Avengers: Endgame." Check Out These Other Videos: Disney Announces 60 Movie Release Dates Through 2027: Proof That Keanu Reeves Is the Nicest Man in Hollywood Music: 95TurboSol - Superstar Per Kiilstofte - Incursion

TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of 2019 & 2020 (PS4, XBOX ONE, PC) Cinematics Trailers

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TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of 2019 & 2020 Cinematics Trailers | Doom Eternal, Mortal Kombat 11, Warcraft 3: Reforged, The Last of Us 2, Cyberpunk 2077, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding, Gears 5, Dying Light 2, Far Cry New Dawn ============================================== TOP 10 AMAZING Upcoming Games of [2019 & 2020] Cinematic Trailers: ============================================== 00:01 Death Stranding - PS4 06:03 Doom Eternal - PS4, Xbox One, PC 15:09 Mortal Kombat 11 - PS4, Xbox One, PC 17:12 The Last of Us 2 - PS4 20:23 Warcraft 3: Reforged - PC 23:52 Cyberpunk 2077 - PS4, Xbox One, PC 25:31 Far Cry New Dawn - PS4, Xbox One, PC 28:39 Gears of War 5 - Xbox One, PC 30:09 Ghost of Tsushima - PS4 34:53 Dying Light 2 - PS4, Xbox One, PC

Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw - Official Trailer #2 [HD]

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Hobbs & Shaw In Theaters August 2, 2019 After eight films that have amassed almost $5 billion worldwide, the Fast & Furious franchise now features its first stand-alone vehicle as Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham reprise their roles as Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw in Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Ever since hulking lawman Hobbs (Johnson), a loyal agent of America's Diplomatic Security Service, and lawless outcast Shaw (Statham), a former British military elite operative, first faced off in 2015’s Furious 7, the duo have swapped smack talk and body blows as they’ve tried to take each other down. But when cyber-genetically enhanced anarchist Brixton (Idris Elba) gains control of an insidious bio-threat that could alter humanity forever — and bests a brilliant and fearless rogue MI6 agent (The Crown’s Vanessa Kirby), who just happens to be Shaw’s sister — these two sworn enemies will have to partner up to bring down the only guy who might be badder than themselves. Hobbs & Shaw blasts open a new door in the Fast universe as it hurtles action across the globe, from Los Angeles to London and from the toxic wasteland of Chernobyl to the lush beauty of Samoa. Directed by David Leitch (Deadpool 2) from a script by longtime Fast & Furious narrative architect Chris Morgan, the film is produced by Morgan, Johnson, Statham and Hiram Garcia. The executive producers are Dany Garcia, Kelly McCormick, Steven Chasman, Ethan Smith and Ainsley Davies.

30 Superhero Characters Marvel Then And Now

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music: Pomking Electro House - Morocco See more video: Set of Iron Man Suit Up Scenes (Robert Downey) 2018 Supergirl Cast | Who is the most beautiful Actress 2018? Pirates of the Caribbean All Cast Before And After 2018 Terminator All Cast Then And Now Jason Momoa | From 3 To 39 Years Old Aquaman Cast in Real Life 2018 Supergirl (2015) Cast Then and Now Avatar Cast Then And Now Who is the best VENOM? Tom Hardy or Topher Grace Pirates of the Caribbean All Cast Then and Now The Dark Knight (2008) Cast In Real Life 2018 The Lord of the Rings In Real Life 2018 The Dark Knight (2008) Cast Then And Now Pirates of The Caribbean (2003) Cast Then And Now Iron Man All Marks [Captain Superheroes MCU] The Wolverine (2013) Then And Now X-Men Origins Wolverine (2009) Cast Then And Now

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Official Gameplay Demo – EA PLAY 2019

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The Empire won’t stop until every Jedi is purged from the galaxy. As a young Padawan on the run, the odds are against you—but the Force is with you. Discover the Jedi abilities you must master to survive. Become a Jedi on November 15, 2019. Pre-order now:

Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite All Cutscenes Movie

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Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite All Cutscenes Movie Full Story mode Subscribe Now ➜ subscribe for the latest PS4, Xbox One and PC, Gameplay, Trailers, Walkthrough and Games News.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Official Trailer

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⚠️ [SPOILERS AHEAD] ⚠️ It’s time to step up. Watch the new #SpiderManFarFromHome trailer now and get your tickets today: Follow Us on Social: Subscribe to Sony Pictures for exclusive content: Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.  #SpiderMan #PeterParker #TomHolland #JakeGyllenhaal #Zendaya #Marvel #Sony #Trailer #OfficialTrailer #SamuelLJackson #JonFavreau #CobieSmulders

Watch Dogs: Legion World Premiere | Ubisoft E3 2019

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Tune in to see all the biggest reveals, gameplay, trailers, demos and more from Ubisoft E3 2019 press conference. For even more in-depth coverage visit:

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “To the End”

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“Before we’re done, we still have one promise to keep.” Marvel Studios’ #AvengersEndgame is in theaters in 10 days. Get your tickets now: ► Subscribe to Marvel: Follow Marvel on Twitter: ‪ Like Marvel on FaceBook: ‪ For even more news, stay tuned to: Tumblr: ‪ Instagram: Google+: ‪ Pinterest: ‪

Avengers - Endgame - Power Levels SPOILERS (First Version)

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Marvel's Avengers: Endgame first power level ranking. Audio Credits: Amosdoll Music (Free Piano Cover) "Avengers 4 : End Game - Trailer Music (Piano Cover)" Link: Patrik Pietschmann (Free Piano Cover) "The Avengers - Main Theme (Piano Version)" Link: Image Credits: Marvel Studios (Post-Edit by me) "Metropolis-Hero1125" Marvel Cinematic Universe PNGs (Post-Edit by me) #endgame #dontspoilendgame #marvel #mcu

20 Best NEW Games of E3 2019

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E3 2019 is in full swing and tons of new games have been announced. Here are our favorite new games announced. Subscribe for more:


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